Ferry crossing with children

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Tips for travelling by ferry with kids

Travelling by ferry with children can be a really great adventure for the whole family. Ferry, indeed, is the only means on transport that allows you to a bring car, with everything we need. Especially when you have kids, luggage increased incredibly. Listen, if you are worried about the management of your kids during the crossing, don’t worry, because will be a new and fun experience. But now, let’s read some tips for travelling by ferry with kids!


Book a bunk

First tips for travelling by ferry with children is to book a bunk, especially if they are very small. During navigation, they can get tired very easily, so it’s very important for your family to have a place to rest. You probably woke up early to get on the ship in time, only this way you can recover energies easily. Book a family bunk, moreover, it’s cheap thanks to many ticket offers for children that marittime companies propose all year. It would be a mistake, at this point, to lay in the ferry’s bridge where children would have to play in the dusty moquette, tired and without a place to sleep.


Dressing in layers

During ferry’s journey the temperatures can change quickly from the inside and outside of the ferry. But how can you dress kids on ferries? The answer is dressing in layers, so you can dress and undress they depending on the temperature: cold in the inside because of air-conditioned and warm outside, especially in summer. What to wear on boat? A tracksuit with a t-shirt and sneakers with a rain coat are the best clothes for ferry crossings.


Food, games and Wi-Fi on board

Travelling by ferry means to stay on board many hours, for this reason it’s important to have a hand luggage with everything for our kids. Food and spare clothes will help you in difficult moments, games and laptops for the most boring moments. For teens, accustomed to technology, internet connection on board will be absolutely necessary. With Seafy Wi-Fi you can offer to your kids the possibility to use their favourite social networks even in the middle of the sea, but also watch cartoons, films and tv programs.



One of the most big disadvantages of ferries is seasickness, that often strikes the small ones. Good news is that is very difficult to feel oscillation on big ferries, so is very rare that they have discomforts. But if your kid is particularly delicate, what are the remedies for seasickness? Exactly the same for car sickness so, it’s important to stay still, watch straight in one direction, and take the specific medications.

Enjoy your journey with children with Seafy Wi-Fi  on board!