Short holiday in Sardinia

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What can you see in Barbagia, land of ancient traditions.


Booking a week or a weekend in Sardinia is always a good idea, even more in the cold season, when you can avoid crowds and crowds of tourists. But how can you go there, and what you can see? Thanks to Sardinia Ferries ships, in few hours we can reach one of the most enchanting places of the Mediterranean Sea. You can’t forget to purchase Seafy’s Wi-Fi packages that give you the possibility to have internet low-cost on board. Traveling on board with your favourite social networks will make time pass faster. The car is essential if you want to visit the most wild area: Barbagia (located between Nuoro and Ogliastra). It’s in Barbagia where you can find the heart of the real Sardinia, far from the famous Emerald Coast and the Maddalena archipelago. One of the most evocative place in Barbagia is Tiscali, an archeological nuragic  site located between Oliena and Dorgali, two villages in Nuoro province. Tiscali is a village built on the walls of a sinkhole and you can see it inside a cave of Lanaittu valley. A very beautiful place where it’s like time has stopped . Always in the same area you can visit Su Gorroppu, the deepest canyon in Europe, that gives you a breathless view. Mediterranean maquis, with his small bushes and myrtle’s scent, mastic trees and thyme, will give you an unforgivable sensory travel. From here on, you can continue in two nice villages: Mamoiada and Orgosolo. The former is famous for Mamuthones,  that together with Issohadores are the most typical masks of the carnival of region. Mamoiada is the place where you can find also Museum of of the carnival masks of the Mediterranean area, connected by history and culture. Near is Orgosolo with colorful murals. They are above 150 and represent at the same time social problems of the 60’s and 70’s and everyday life of the sardinian people. After Orgosolo, we’re moving to Nuoro. Here, you can visit the house of Grazia Deledda, the first italian woman that won a Nobel prize on 1926, and her most loved place Monte Ortobene: a small hill close to Nuoro where nature is sovereign. After this short vacance in Sardinia you have to come back to your Sardinia Ferries ship and connect to the Wi-Fi to share the beautiful landmarks to your dear ones. With Seafy Wi-Fi on board, you can chat, share content and enjoy movies and your favourite music.

Enjoy the beautiful Sardinia travelling with Sardinia Ferries and Seafy Wi-Fi on board!