Book a cruise during New Year’s Day
with Corsica and Sardinia Ferries

Seafy, wi-fi on board

Live a daydream travel, with low cost cruises

Christmas holidays are coming and so is New Year’s Day. It’s time to decide where you want to go. Corsica Ferries and Sardinia Ferries know perfectly what you need. You have to break up from your daily routine, have fun and above all live something different, but what do you want for New Year’s Day? The solution is to leave for a cruise with Corsica and Sardinia Ferries, you won’t regret! Mediterranean holidays can last even on winter thanks to the many departures all year. On board you will enjoy a party night where you’ll be pampered from all the crew. Starting the year this way will be beautiful! Travel offers for New Year’s Day are cheap and bring you in the most amazing Mediterranean locations. First destination is for New Year’s Day in Corsica from Livorno to Bastia starting from 230 euros per person with double bunks, overnight stay in Corsica included, meals and party with toasts. Same conditions, but with differents prices, for New Year’s Day in Sardinia from Livorno to Aranci Gulf, New Year’s Day in Provence from Livorno to Toulon and, finally New Year’s Day in Frech Riviera from Savona to Nice.

Book now, for you, your family or friends, New Year’s Day in the Mediterranean sea, will have a rich menu and so much fun. Everything to give you a dream-like mini-holiday.

Party for New Year’s Day on board with Corsica Ferries e Sardinia Ferries