New course of Corsica Ferries
from mainland towards Sicily

Taormina, Sicilia

From the 21st of april 2019, departures from Toulon towards Trapani

From the 21st of april 2019 you will be able to leave from the continent towards the amazing Sicily thanks to Corsica Ferries. The traveling company has announced this beautiful news to celebrate its 50 years of activity. You will be able to leave with Corsica Ferries from Toulon and Nice, and after a 19 hours of travel, you’ll reach the Trapani harbour. Departures will be three times a week so you can reach both Sicily and mainland. A very important opportunity for people who, during summer, don’t find train ticket or don’t want to stay stuck in traffic on the peninsula. Thanks to on board services, 19 hours of travel will fly. Do not forget that you’ll be able to have always on board Wi-Fi on your smartphone, this thanks to Seafy, the innovative service that starting from 4,99 euros will keep you connected to your world. With Seafy you will be able to connect to your favourite social networks, but also watch movies, tv programs and always be updated on the latest news. Now you have to book a new experience traveling by ferry, certain to stay in contact with your relatives.

Travel by ferry towards Sicily with Corsica Ferries and stay connected with Seafy Wi-Fi!