The most beautiful shores in Sardinia

Spiaggia La Pelosa, Sardegna

The ultimate guide to the best shores in Sardinia

Do you imagine summer 2019 already immersed in the crystal waters of Sardinia? First tip is to book ferry immediately, so you can save money on ticket price. Second is to start reading something about what you’ll see in the island. Let’s start there, we’ll show you the most beautiful shres of Sardinia. You’ll see some of the most amazing places ever seen.


Cala Mariolu

Cala Mariolu, located in Baunei (Nuoro), is the most beautiful island of Sardinia. With the three pearls of Gulf of Orosei, Cala Goloritzè and Cala Sisine, is always on top of the most beautiful beaches of the world. Its uniqueness is in the turquoise of the water, sand composed by white little stones and transparent sea bottom, everything framed by polished rocks and by the typical mediterranean plants, scented and luxurious.


La Pelosa

A real open sky pool: this is La Pelosa, the beach located in Stintino, in the north-west of Sardinia. Low sea bottom for a hundred of meters, not disturbed by the northwest wind, soft and pure white sand. This because it’s protected from a natural barrier shaped from the rock of Capo Falcone, from Isola Piana and Asinara. In the beach you can find the little island of Pelosa, with the aragonese tower built in 1578.



Alongside the east coast of Sardinia, exactly in Orosei, you can find  Bidderosa’s beach: a charming oasis out of time. It’s located inside a sauvage nature park protected by forest guards and full of plants of junipers, holm oaks, corks and others herbs of the mediterranean maquis. Even in this case, the light blue of the water blends with sky, the  cliffs shaped from the water amaze for their shapes and the sand is very fine and soft like velvet. The result is one of the most beautiful postcard of the whole coast of Orosei.


Cala Brandinchi

In the east part, under Olbia, exactly in San Teodoro, one of the most popular summer destinations of the island, you can find an enchanting bay known as Cala Brandinchi. The beauty of the beach has conquered millions of tourist who have called it “the little Thaiti” for the green emerald water, the beautiful pine grove and the many available services. Few people know that this bay is a very relevant historical place. Here, indeed, the 17th of october of 1867, boarded Giuseppe Garibaldi, escaping from Caprera Island and directed to Piombino to free Rome.


Su Giudeu

Su Giudeu beach take its name from a typical octopus of these waters. You can see this enchanting bay in the south of Sardinia, in Chia, district of Domus de Maria village, near Cagliari. Even in this case you will bath in crystal water and pure white shores, but this time embellished from the presence of Su Giudeu cliff, a little island located in front of a bay and reachable by feet when the tides are low.

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