10 unmissable things to see in Sardinia

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10 things and places to not miss


Sardinia, the most exclusive place in summer where international jet set enjoy emerald’s sea water, white sand and fashionable clubs. But not considering for a minute Emerald Coast, which are the 10 things to see absolutely? Here is the rank.

1. The three pearls of Gulf of Orosei

If you think that paradise on earth doesn’t exist, you wrong. Eden is in Orosei’s Gulf, where you can find three little breathless bays: Cala Sisine, Cala Goloritzè and Cala Mariolu. How can we describe they? Impossible, you have to live they. But we can prove… All the bays are dominated from picturesque cliffs and turquoise waters, with the typical scents of the mediterranean bushes. Cala Goloritzè is, in particular, the most beautiful beach of the Mediterranean sea, and one of the most beautiful of the entire world. It can be distinguished for a 143 metres peak and a natural arch in the middle of the sea. A real daydream in conclusion.  


  1. Barumini

The most important archeological site of Sardinia is, without doubt, Su Nuraxi of Barumini, recognized from Unesco world heritage in 1997. Inside, you can find the best samples of “nuraghi”, famous buildings heritage of ancient sardinians. The village is in Marmilla, in the south of center Sardinia and narrate the history of a millennial culture that inhabit the area among Bronze Age and III century b.C. Su Nuraxi, with its 18 metres, surrounded by a corral composed by four side tower linked by the wall, enchant visitors. Crossing village’s ruins, will be exciting rebuild inhabits of a very ancient culture.


  1. Grazia Deledda’s house

First italian woman to receive Nobel was a sardinian one, from Nuoro exactly: Grazia Deledda (1871-1936). The ’“Sardinian Athens”, like Nuoro is called, in honour to intellectuals and artists citizen, it’s been the city where Deledda write her most famous books. In the neighborhood called Santu Predu, is possible to visit the house museum that still today guards documents, books, films and mirrors that narrate the life of the literary icon of Sardinia.


  1. Tavolara

Do you ever dreamt to visit the smallest kingdom of the world? This place is Tavolara that is a calcareous island that emerges from the sea near Olbia coast. On the end of the Seventy century, a genoese man called Giuseppe Bartoloni, moved to this island with his family, until in 1836 Carlo Alberto di Savoia, king of Sardinia, crowned him king of Tavolara.  The island, now, is a touristic place, but despite this aspect, has maintained its  sauvage personality, like it was a trunk of the real essence of Sardinia. Inside you can find restaurants, a bar, and the famous little cemetery of the Bartoloni family, whic continue to manage the island businesses. A magical place that you’ll keep in your heart forever.  


  1. National Park of Tavolara

The reign of the albino dunkey is Asinara, a small island located in the north-west of Sardinia, that it’s became in the latest years famous even for the maximum security prison for mafia crimes. Today, instead, is an unmissable destination for everyone who loves nature, indeed here is possible to find bays with white sand, crystal water, with a lush vegetation. Cala Arena, in the extreme north, is surely the best beach of the island. During winter season, is divided from a stream and on the back host a Sixteenth century tower.


  1. Piscinas

Sardinia is a small continent, but why? Answer is easy for who knows well the island. Here, indeed, is possible to find an extraordinary variety of environments. Will surprise you to know that in Sardinia you can find one of the biggest desert of Europe. This place is Piscinas, in the south, located in an area called Costa Verde, close to Oristano. Here the desert is long 5 km, with dunes that arrives at 100 metres of height. At a certain point desert meets sea and the result is one of the most amazing beach of Sardinia, especially on sunset, where you can live a real dream.


  1. Santa Cristina water well

The most holy place in Sardinia is Santa Cristina well water, near Paulilatino, in Oristano province. The well water is from the nuragic era. For many researcher it can be a building created for water’s ritual, for others theories an astronomical observatory. Supporting this thesis is the phenomenon in which the moon reflects itself in the well’s base, enlightening it and creating a reflex. This when the moon is in the zenit position. This is the clear reason that nuragic people studied sky and for this reason they couldn’t be so “primitive”.


  1. The Mamuthones

At the end of august, Nuoro host the traditional mask parade, organized for the Sagra del Redentore, a very important event from more than one century. Only here, indeed, you can admire all the traditional carnival mask of the island. The most famous and beautiful ones are Mamuthones from Mamoiada (Nuoro), that are in couple with Issohadores. Mamuthones have wooden masks, sheepskin and, 30 kg of bells on the shoulders. They move in procession, in a sort of “danced procession” for a famous anthropologist. The origins of Mamuthones are very ancient. Some studies talk about a totemic ritual of subjugation of an ox, a parade made from nuragic people to propitiate good crop or a dionysian ritual. By the way, see them on parade is one of the most suggestive shows never seen, that bring back us of centuries when man and nature were only one thing.


  1. San Pietro and Carloforte

An island in the island, this is San Pietro, land that collect most of the inhabitant in Carloforte, the only populated center. A piece of land in the south-west of Sardinia,  not explored, but capable to surprise for the beautiful coasts, the sea, and the strong Maestrale wind. Carloforte is a genoese enclave and, the local language prove that, but not only, even the architecture remember the Ligurian Coast, with its elegant palaces seafront. This feature made Carloforte one of the most beautiful village in Italy. Now, you need only to see another face of Sardinia.


  1. Capo Spartivento

At the end, those who wants to live an amazing experience, have to visit Capo Spartivento, a place in the extreme south of the island. A magic site, where you can find the most ancient lighthouse of Sardinia, built in 1866 and reachable from Baia Chia beach, walking through a dirt road long 4 km. Today the lighthouse is a luxury resort for few pampered guests who want break from everyday routine. From here, indeed, we can enjoy sound of nature and the unique scents of the mediterranean maquis. And at night, the gaze is lost in a sky full of stars, a unique emotion to live at least one time in life. Think about it!

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