Why travel by ferry?

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The new year is coming and when thinking about something nice to do, our mind immediately thinks about summer holidays and a unforgettable journey to go on. Last years, because of the difficult situation in north Africa, many tourists have chosen the charming destinations of the Mediterranean sea, to relax and forget the everyday routine. Between the most loved places, only three are the most beloved: Corse, Sardinia, Sicily and French Riviera, because their savage nature and thousands of years old culture. Most people that decide to spend their holidays in these amazing places, choose ferry to travel, for many reasons. Let’s discover why!

Traveling by ferry means to plan a holiday in complete freedom thanks to the possibility to take your car or your motorcycle with you, saving money you’d have spent to rent a new one.

Ferries are cheaper thanks to the offers proposed all year, often with discounts dedicated to children. that’s great for families! once you’re on board you’ll be spoiled by many services like restaurants, cinema, music and games for children. And, most important, the possibility to have an efficient connection on board, with a rich selection of films, tv program and cartoons, in addition to the unmissable social network connection.

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Say goodbye long and boring travels, today navigation on board is more pleasant thanks to the possibility to have a Wi-Fi connection on board at the cheapest price.

What’s better for our tourist 2.0, raised with bread and Wi-Fi?

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