With Seafy, the crew
works happy and connected

Seafy, wi-fi on board, Corsica Ferries

Two smart packages to keep in touch with our world


Thanks to Seafy, today Corsica Ferries and Sardinia Ferries’ crew, which travels the Mediterranean sea to bring tourist towards Sardinia, Corse, Sicily and French Riviera, has a new addition. Put yourself in the shoes of a crew member, life on board can be very hard, but everything changes if you have Wi-Fi. Thanks to a good connection it’s possible to sustain many inconveniences. Months without getting off the ferry, annoying customers and the omnipresent seasickness that sometimes becomes intolerable, are on the top of the ranks of the crew’s problems. In the middle of the sea, the most heavy issue to overcome is, without doubt, the distance from the loved ones and that isolation feeling. The solution to these problems is Seafy. On board, with exhausting turns, you can get lonely. A good Wi-Fi connection, can be  a real balm for the crew’s pain on board. Seafy knows it, and for this reason, has designed a project where the aim is to make people feel at home, with every comfort Wi-Fi can provide.
The most important thing these times is without doubt internet connection, which allows to feel near loved ones and your passions. Sending email, chatting with WhatsApp or posting on Facebook or Instagram, but not only. Watching film, tv programs or be updated about the latest news, this is our daily routine today. Thanks to Seafy it’s possible to follow your lifestyle even when you are on board for long times. The packages exclusive to the crew members start from 25 euros per month (Crew Light), that gives you the best traveling experience with all social networks. Crew Full, instead, costs 35 euros per month and, in addition, gives you web browsing and emailing services. A real opportunity if you consider that connection on board can be a true risk if you want to spend less. Seafy knows it, and for this reason has created a modern service that helps you to be connected with the world, even off the coast.

Now you have to buy your favourite Seafy package and you’ll see, thanks to connection, you will never feel alone, Seafy guaranteed.