5 reasons to travel by ferry

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5 tips to travelling by ferry

Wondering why you should travel by ship? Here you can find 5 why.
But let’s start from the beginning.
In everyday life we rush all the time, we never stop. Between work, appointments and deadlines, moments where we can enjoy a bit of calm are very rare. Even trips, often, become very stressful, except one: by ship. Travel by ship, indeed, has its advantages. Facts demonstrate it. Passengers grow year by year. But why?
Let’s see the 5 reasons to travel by ship.

  1. Ship is a cheap means of transport. Ferry companies recommend unmissable offers all year for every route. Even in summer, it’s possible to have discounts on car, motorcycle and bunks. Obviously if you book on time, you can save lots of money.
  2. Ships give you the possibility to bring your car with you. This is very important because it allows you to save money from rental cars that, especially during summer period, can have high costs. Having a car, also, gives you the opportunity to bring whatever you want, this is very important on the way back, for presents and souvenirs for family and friends.
  3. Ship symbolizes the passing moment between work-related stress and the real holiday. When you are on board, you can finally realize to be far from the office and ready to enjoy new experiences.  The comfort that you breathe in every corner of the ship helps you in this way, in addition to food, books, films and social networks to keep in touch with your universe. This thanks to the Wi-Fi on board, becoming cheaper since it’s proposed by many companies.
  4. Ships are floating cities. Common places like bars, restaurants and all the areas around the deck are always full of people. It isn’t difficult, at this point, to make new friends that can give you informations about the holidays, but not only.
  5. Ships satisfy a big dream: you can admire dawn and sunset in front of the sea. This worth more than the price of your ticket. During the night, instead, you’ll see the sun disappear in the horizon and, in the morning, rise to the zenit and warm the air and all the ship’s surface. A show included in the price of the ticket that makes you love more and more your travel by ship.