Things to do in the Island of Elba

Tramonto sull'Isola d'Elba, Toscana, Seafy

Tips for visiting the Island of Elba


The mediterranean sea surrounds some of the most beautiful islands of the world. Among these we can find the Island of Elba, a small jewel, near the Tuscany coast, that with other islands of the archipelago (Pianosa, Capraia, Gorgona, Montecristo, Giglio and Giannutri) is part of the National Park of the Tuscany Archipelago. When you arrive in Portoferraio with ferry, you will able to visit amazing places that will remain forever in your heart. But what can you see in the Island of Elba?



Portoferraio, the administrative center of Island of Elba, is so called thanks to iron and mines operative from the XIX century. The village is also known as “Pink City” for the pink limestones used for paving all the downtown area, that during the day has an iridescent color. Portoferraio shows in the city planning the tracks of Napoleon Bonaparte, who was forced to stay there after his military defeats. Here is possible to see napoleonic villas, but also tracks of an ancient past, like archeological settlements of the etruscan and roman era.


The fortress of Volterraio

One of the places you must see is The fortress of Volterraio in Rio Marina, the most ancient building of the island, situated on the top of Cima del Monte, at 400 metres of altitude. The castle, restructured in 2016, is from the etruscan era and was expanded at the end of 1200 from Pisans, that used it to protect themself from turkish assault. The beauty of the place is, beyond history, the amazing panorama that you can see on the top.



Capoliveri is one of the eight municipality of the Island of Elba, a perfect place to combine nature, culture and relax. But what can you see in Capoliveri? Downtown you can visit the Sanctuary of the Madonna delle Grazie and L’Abside di San Michele. To enjoy an amazing view you have to see Forte Focardo that dominates the whole coast. Last but not least, the most beautiful beaches of the island: Innamorata, Lacona, Naregno, Margidore, Barabarca, Calanova, Felciaio, Ferrato, Lido, Madonna delle Grazie, Morcone, Norsi, Pareti, Remaiolo, Straccoligno and Zuccale.


Mining Park

The Mining Park of Elba is strictly connected to the island. Indeed, it’s from the etruscan era, inhabitants worked there on the extraction of iron.To deepen this topic, you can visit the Museum of Minerals of Elba and mining art. Here is possible to see the principal minerals extracted from the caves, past photos of miners and machines for extraction closed in the Eighties. After the museum you can make excursions, get the touristic train and take pictures of colorful and iridescent minerals.


Local cuisine from Elba

You don’t really visit a place if you don’t taste the typical cuisine. So, before you get back to the ferry, go to a restaurant and eat some local foods of Elba that offer the best fish recipes, but not only. Let’s start with “stoccafisso alla riese”, the “sburrita” (all based of salted codfish), the “gurguglione” (vegetable stew), cuttlefish black rice, filled squid, the famous cacciucco or fish soup, but also boiled octopus and fried sardines. Closed the meal, pamper yourself with “schiaccia briaca” or “schiacciunta” accompanied with a glass of delicious wine Aleatico of Elba and enjoy your desserts!


Enjoy ferry travel toward the Island of Elba!