Things to do in Trapani

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5 unmissable things to see in Trapani

Trapani, known as East’s door or “city of one hundred churches” is one of the most beautiful centers of Sicily. One time you arrived with ferry you’ll have so many things to do, this because not only the city, but all the area around hide real beauties.
Start to discover 5 unmissables things to see in Trapani!



City planning show a rich past of differents dominations like greek, arab and norman. In downtown, churches are protagonists, all baroques, their elegance make the city a real parlor. Crossing the main streets like Corso Vittorio Emanuele, the ancient Loggia, Torrearsa e Garibaldi you can visit high value historical places like Palazzo Cavarretta, location of the Municipal Hall of Trapani and the Cathedral. To not lose Ligny Tower, ex defensive fortress of the city and today the Prehistory Museum.



Not far from Trapani, you can find a medieval town considered a real jewel: Erice. This small center is located on a rock overhanging sea, in which is possible to see Trapani, Egadi island and San Vito Lo Capo. The village is enclosed inside Cyclopic Walls, called in this way according to an ancient legend, they were built by Cyclops. On the top of the town you can visit Balio’s tower, the Castle of Venus and the Torretta Pepoli. Built in norman age, appear on the top of a rock overhanging sea, where you can admire a spectacular view. Enjoy the show and, before leaving, make a jump into a pastry shop and taste marzipan sweets and the amazing cannoli.


Reserve of Salt

The street that brings you from Trapani to Marsala is known as “salt’s road”. Here, indeed, is possible to visit saltworks, inside a nature reserve managed by WWF. A big area populated by big tanks used for salt’s cultivation and windmill. A very evocative show, above all at sunset where everything become pink and gold. In this place nearly irreal, you can see beautiful birds like flamingos, white herons, seagulls and kingfishers.


Temple of Segesta

The Temple of Segesta, located on the archeological area of Calatafimi Segesta don’t stop to amaze visitors thanks to its massiveness, elegance and shape perfection. According to many studies, the temple was built on an athenian architect project, unfinished because of the conflict with Selinunte. Today is for sure the most well-preserved temple in Sicily. The area where it’s located is a wide valley, between two mountains, where was built the village of Segesta. Despite studies, is still unknown for who the temple was created, this because doesn’t exist sources of rituals or ceremonies connected. This mystery is the reason of its immortal charm.



In the same area, deserve a visit the island of Favignana which, with Marettimo and Levanzo, is part of archipelag of Egadi. The island, known as “the big butterfly on the sea” for its characteristic shape, is far from seven kilometres from the eastern coast, located between Trapani and Marsala. To not lose in Favignana are beaches, that  in summer  are always full of tourists from all over the world. Between these, we recommend to you: Cala Rossa, Cala Azzurra, Scalo Cavallo, Cala Rotonda and Bue Marino. Last thing, if you love diving, you have to go to Preveto Island, Secca del Tonno, Scoglio Corrente and Punta Fanfalo.

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