What to pack for a cruise?

woman at sea

Some advices to pack the perfect suitcase for your cruise

Are you leaving for a cruise and you don’t know what to pack for it? Elegant suit or flip flops? A cruise on Norwegian fjord or in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, any advices are always useful. Here you can find some suggestions about what to pack for a cruise. Don’t forget that the bunks on the ferry have big wardrobes. But if you need something during travel, you can buy it in one of the many shops on board. Ferry cruise, indeed, are floating cities with big shopping center. Focusing on wardrobe, we have to make distinctions, depending on the cruise’s destinations. Mediterranean sea, north Europe, exotic destinations or the Far East: every one of these places need specific clothing.


Mediterranean sea

During spring and summer, luggage has to be light! Weather is pleasantly warm in every countries touched by cruise. Sunscreens are very useful, sunglasses and all the things to go to the beach. Fall and winter, instead, are perfect seasons for discover cities and cultures. For this reason is always recommended bring comfortable shoes, pullovers, rain jackets and umbrellas.


North Europe

Here are mandatory trekking shoes, specialist clothes, cameras and a backpacks as hand luggage. In summer, instead, days are mild, but in the evening is always necessary to put on a warm pullover or a jacket.


Exotics destinations

When you travel towards exotic destinations, like tropical countries, the advice is packing  light clothes. Don’t forget rain jacket to protect you from possible downpours. In the muslim countries like United Arab Emirates and Maldives, instead, are forbidden provocative or skimpy clothes.


Far East

In this case weather can be at the same time temperate like Japan or tropical like Vietnam. It’s important to be prepared and bring t-shirts, shorts and sunscreen for sunny days. For those more rainy, instead, is essential to have raincoat, closed shoes and warm pullover. These are few advices to be ready for cruise. With everything on board, indeed, you can pass easily from party to excursion, from the swimming pool to a mosque visit.  At this point, we wish you a beautiful journey!