Corse in winter: places to see

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Speed tour in Napoleone’s island for a counter-trend holiday


Visiting Corse in winter can be a true unforgettable experience. While snow lovers are dreaming to ski on the highest peaks, go counter-trend and choose your holidays in Corse to escape from the winter cold: you won’t regret it! Corse, indeed, isn’t only beaches and camping on the shore, it’s much more. Go forth and book Corsica Ferries and Sardinia Ferries and don’t forget to include in your travel packaging Wi-Fi by Seafy. If you have the best internet connection you can get some informations about your trip on the ship. The island where Napoleone was born is, indeed, amazing for the extraordinary variety of environments, but not only that, it represents the perfect mix between France and Italy, a cocktail to savour slowly. We suggest to go see the most important cities along the coast, and to postpone the visit in the inner part of the island, when the warm weather will allow excursions and trekking. So, starting an imaginary tour, leave from Bastia (where you’ll arrive by ferry), city located in the north-east part of the island, also known as the industrial and business capital of Corse. The center is characterized by a vivid touristic harbour from which you’ll start an interesting tour between baroque churches, especially Saint John Baptiste. Take the car towards west and you’ll find Calvi with its fortified little city that dominates the entire village. Many studies affirm that here was born Christopher Columbus, evidence was found in Rue Colombe’s house, located near Quai Landry, a very rich harbour area, full of restaurants and clubs. 40 km from Calvi you can find Galéria Gulf, Unesco heritage thanks to an amazing view where a luxury Mediterranean maquis blends with the turquoise water. Crossing the coasts and you’ll arrive to Ajaccio, the most populated center of Corse and famous because it was the cradle of General Napoleone Bonaparte. A visit to the Musée Maison Bonaparte is mandatory to understand the life of the great french General. After a short immersion in history, you can travel through the Sentier des Cretes, which stops in Punta della Parata, in front of the Sanguinarie islands archipelago. Once you visited Ajaccio, you have to return on the east side and go to Bonifacio, in the south part of the island. Tiny, but with a lot of history, without doubt influenced by the pisano-genoese architecture. The best examples of this is Bastion de l’Etendard, majestic building overhanging sea. Near you’ll find l’Escalier du Roi d’Aragon, 187 little stairs from which you’ll arrive in the ancient city. Legends tell that these stairs were built in only one night to advance aragonese assault (hence the name) on this territory.

We end this journey in Porto Vecchio, fist city for tourist number and the most loved one for Pinarello and Punta Rondinara with enchanting beaches with pine forests, perfect for families. Before you take the ferry back home you have to visit Cerbicali Islands, small treasure of biodiversity declared natural reserve from the french government. Say goodbye to Corse and end happily this short but deep trip from which you’ll remember a beautiful land, perfect to break up from your daily routine. Book now your trip to Bonaparte’s island, Corse is waiting for you.

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