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With Corsica Ferries and Sardinia Ferries, departures available all year long with Seafy’s Wi-Fi on board

Book now your holidays in the best places of the Mediterranean sea, and be sure to stay connected with Seafy, the innovative Wi-Fi service on board of ships that operate to and from Corse, French Riviera, Sicily and Sardinia. Thanks to the special offer that Corsica Ferries and Sardinia Ferries propose all year to their customers, you can have the lowest ticket price, at the sole condition that you book your trip now. Your holiday starts on board thanks to comfortable bunks, restaurants and bars with all that you desire. Moreover you can travel with your 4-legged friend, customer service will answer at all your requests to ensure that you and your friend have the best comfort on board. Book your departure now with Corsica Ferries and Sardinia Ferries, with the best connection for every destination starting from 4,99 euros. The most innovative service on board, indeed, guarantees internet connection when traveling, thanks to which you can use your social networks and always be connected. Book ferry and ships Corse Ferries and you can visit the most exclusive beach of the Emerald Coast and French Riviera or see the amazing cities. Contact the customer service to have all the informations to book the perfect trip. Seafy brings you on holiday in the Mediterranean sea with the best Wi-Fi, helping you enjoy your free time. Seeing is believing!

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